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Dear Journal,

There is so much I don't want to say but I need to say. What the hell is wrong with me? I went into the job interview for the consulting position last week and it went perfect. I laughed when I needed to, I articulated my words correctly. The energy in the room was high. The interviewer even said I was exactly what they were looking for. However, today they called and said they hired someone else. Am I missing something? I expected to get that job. I am torn. That was my dream job. I'm sure I can apply else where but I wasn't expecting that "no". Ever time I get my hopes up for something great, it falls through. Just like that time, I thought Jack and I relationship would lead to the altar. Disappointment seems to be inevitable. It leads me to feel like I'm not good enough. Perhaps I am good with where I am, why try again? What if it's not meant for me at all, maybe I should just work this job and be content. Just like I should probably remain single. What's the purpose of shooting for the stars anyways?

Signed a highly disappointed Jasmine.

Jasmine's story is a story where hope meets despair, despair welcomes failure, and quitting becomes the best option.

There is a difference between being content and being complacent. Truth be told, some doors are closed because it wasn't purposed for you to walk through them. However, some doors are designed to be pushed open. Sometimes more effort is required on our behalf instead of becoming complacent with disappointment. Many times we don't realize that complacency hinders growth. We form a cycle of failure. We fail in one area and instead of re-strategizing, we call ourselves a failure and then we decide not to try again. Then we attempt to glorify another area to dismiss the last area of failure. We become satisfied with where we are. The problem with complacency is that it forms mental patterns of comfortability and that causes us to miss out on greater opportunities that life can afford us. Complacency feels comfortable. It doesn’t have many demands or expectations.

It is a safe place where we don't have to activate faith. It traps us to believing that we should settle for the worse instead of believing we can have limitless possibilities. Jasmine's story is one of many The story of various experiences where hope once lived, because of one "no" hope becomes replaced with despair and complacency. Win the battle in your mind. Disappointment is inevitable but despair is a choice. If allowed, disappointment can drive you to despair. MAKE A CHOICE TO DISMISS DESPAIR!

Dismissing despair can help with dismissing depressive thoughts. See your vision and run towards it! Don't let disappointment welcome failure, because quitting should never be an option. DON'T STOP! Roadblocks are intended to redirect you not stop you from reaching your destination! Keep going my friend.

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