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  • Writer's pictureAmelia Gillis, LMHC


Today, I experienced a home invasion. I didn’t realize that you had already planned to visit and that I essentially opened the door to your welcoming a long time ago. It was just a normal afternoon and I wasn’t expecting you. Ding Dong... I hear the tapping at the door of my mind. I crack open the door just so I can visibly see who it is attempting to come in. Your shadows are unfamiliar yet drawing. Something within advises me that cracking an opening any further could be damaging. Yet, my curiosity of what is behind you electrifies my eagerness. I open up more and just like that an invasion occurs. You were not alone. Your associates join in to snatch the things I had filled my home with like joy, peace, forgiveness, contentment. One room after another, you raided these rooms and replaced them with your scheme of anger, doubt, fear, guilt, and rejection. Could this invasion have been my fault? Was I not protecting my well-being?

I recognize my mistake once again. I let you in. I stopped being intentional about the visitors I let in my home. You are a repeat invader that wipe my joy before. You are the invader that cancelled my dreams. I thought I would be able to recognize you If you came around again. Yet, I didn’t because you came in through the back door and I was unprepared and caught off guard. I didn’t know I didn’t lock the back door of my mind. I didn’t deal with the last invasion that came with negativity. Now, here you were again, enticing me with your agony and reminding me of the songs I used to sing. Now because I wasn’t prepared to stop you, I now am a hostage to you.


A Victim.

Many times we experience mental invasions that are at war with our normalcy. It becomes a battle of our joy, peace, and contentment. The battle attempts to take over by replacing those positive mental conditions with negative conditions. We must be prepared for mental invasions that attempt to defeat us by equipping ourselves with the necessary tools to fight them off. These tools include but are not limited to setting boundaries, positive affirmations, personal development opportunities, and self-care moments.

Learn to deal with the issues that are in the rooms of your mind. So that when the invaders like doubt, fear, rejection, etc. attempts to enter you will be equip to stop them from invading your mind and making you a hostage. What are you allowing in your home? It’s time to stop the invasion and learn to protect your mental state by becoming more intentional about your mental wellness.

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