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  • Writer's pictureAmelia Gillis, LMHC

The Unknown

Year 2020 was overwhelming.

As we transition to a new year, we transition to the unknown. Many have not made plans for the year because they are still dealing with the residue of 2020.

The new year can be scary for many especially after experiencing a pandemic and multiple losses individually and collectively.

The unknown can create anxieties around a future that hasn't even happened based upon what has been. This can make each day feel draining because you're unaware of what may happen.

As we walk step by step, may we remember, that uncertainty is part of the human experience. That doesn't mean we stop believing for the best. Fear is an immediate response to uncertainty that can keep us stuck.

This is a reminder to write the vision, keep dreaming, start the business again. May you remember that you an ability to face uncertainty with confidence and optimism. Uncertainty is an opportunity to build faith. The future is filled with uncertainty. May we find the courage to not flee.


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