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Healing is a choice.

"Healing can't begin until you face the truth"

The definition of healing is: to make free from injury or disease: to make sound or whole again; to restore to health. Based upon this definition, healing echoes and empowers freedom from something that was once causing impairment. Something so liberating at times seems so hard to attain. Why is this? Sometimes the healing process can seem like it hurts more than that which actually caused us pain because we have to be honest that it happened. However, Healing will not take place until the truth is encountered.

For instance, take a patient that has

been experiencing flu like symptoms. They have body chills, runny nose, and other flu like symptoms. They are aware that these symptoms should be addressed in order to allow healing to take place. Yet, they disregard the symptoms by continuing to work, avoiding rest because they don’t want to stop their normal flow. Many times, we approach our healing process the same way. We can be aware that we have symptoms that could be a result of a traumatic experience yet we refuse to deal with them. We refuse to admit that a particular experience caused us a level of uneasiness, discomfort, and/or pain.

So, instead of being truthful, we start to prepare our mind to flight (run away). We avoid the truth thus allowing our brain permission to begin the dissociation process as a way of organizing and suppressing the experience. We build a mental wall of contentment and compose a cognitive pattern of "I am fine" until they both join together and camouflages the reality of our pain. We are taught to forget the pain and silence our emotions to seem “STRONG” and yet truthfully, we cause ourselves more harm when we fail to acknowledge the reality of our pain. Research shows that matters that are not dealt with can cause mental stress and even physical ailments.

Let today be the day that you stop running from your pain. Yes, it hurt because it mattered. It is time to address the pain before the pain addresses you. Stop suppressing your emotions, face the truth, and allow the healing to begin.

"Healing is a choice. Healing is your right. Healing is your responsibility.

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