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Like a bird in flight, your life can soar above the troubles of the world.

An airplane is designed to move from one altitude to the next. In order to get the airplane in the sky, the pilot controls the engine’s power using the throttle. A throttle is a device that controls the flow of fuel or power to an engine. Pushing the throttle increases power, and pulling it decreases power. Therefore, as the plane is attempting to climb in the sky the thrust from the engines pushing the plane forward exceeds the air resistance pulling it back. This creates a lift force, greater than the plane's weight, which powers the plane higher into the sky. As humans, our mind is the throttle that controls the flow of our emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. When we push forward it increases our power to maneuver through life and the challenges we face. It can propel us to our next level in life. However, when we decide not to push it decreases our ability to make sound decisions.

Just like a plane we are designed to move from one altitude of life to the next. Growth should be inevitable. However, we impede the change process when we fail to:

  1. Stop carrying around our baggage: Baggage is experiences we carry around from our past. Most of the baggage from our past causes us to react to the world in an unproductive way that can sabotage any efforts to achieve positive life change.

  2. Change our old ways: We are condition by our environment to respond a certain way when we experience certain triggers. If we were hurt in the past, we are likely to guard ourselves from pain.

  3. Become Emotionally intoxicated: Many times, we wallow in our negative emotions that can deter us from allowing life changes. Those emotions keep us in a routine. One builds upon one negative emotion after another; essentially a downward spiral occurs and coming back up can be difficult.

  4. Fail to change our surroundings: Most people who emotionally worn surrounds themselves in an environment that supports the negative emotions and discourages change. It becomes the amen corner to pain, frustration, fear, and many other negative emotions.

Sometimes we aren't aware of these hinderances, or we may not know how. Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Leave the bags of your past behind. Learn the lesson from the past and free yourself from your past. The pages have already been written and edits are not an option.

  2. Reform your old habits and behaviors. Begin recognizing your perspective on an experience. Retrain your mind to respond differently.

  3. Recognize negative emotions and learning to how to dispose of them.

  4. Surround our

selves with people who will challenge us to move beyond discomfort, pain, rejection, fear, etc.

This is your time to soar beyond where you are. Your next level awaits you. Life will bring about challenges that test your endurance and your perseverance.

Will you push through the resistance to soar to your next level?

Like a bird in flight, your life can soar above the troubles of the world.

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