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August 21, 1987 was the day I made my entrance into this world. I was born to a family that gave me love, shelter, and food. I had parents who would protect me by any means. Little did I know that despite having levels of security; I would not be completely shielded from what life would send my way.

Experience is something that we can never run from nor escape it. I know of this all too well. I would experience happy moments and then moments of tragedy. I tried to change my approach to life so that I could avoid certain situations. Certain situations however changed how I lived life. It started to shape how I saw my world, my beliefs, my thinking and response patterns. Whether negative or positive, I saw and responded to life based upon my experiences.

The truth about life is that we all understand life through the eyes of our experiences. No matter what you have experience good or bad, one thing to consider is that each experience has played a part in shaping you into the person you are today. We can allow our past experiences to keep us stuck. We can allow them to shape our thought and behavior patterns. Therefore, consider this, how will you relate to each experience? Each experience can either grow you or hinder you. Your perspective is key to growing through life.

Each experience can become either a lesson, a blessing, and/or a roadblock. Sometimes all of the above. A lesson is when you are able to look at your experience and ask yourself “what have I learned from this?” A blessing is the result of seeing the lesson and appreciating what you received from your experience while allowing it to enhance your life. A roadblock is when your experience keeps you stuck in a negative mental pattern that prevents you from moving forward and/or growing. The greatest tragedy is allowing an experience to keep you from growing, from loving, from forgiving. How has your experiences shape you?

My own personal life has been filled with different experiences that has shaped me into the woman I am today. Take it from me how you reflect on your experiences will determine how you move through life.

Personal Reflection:

I would like to pose a few questions that I hope you consider answering during your own personal reflection time.

How has your experiences define you? Have your experiences caused you to respond to others negatively? Have your experiences push you to pursue your dreams? I challenge you to ask yourself today. How will I allow what I have experience to mold and shape me?

Thank you for sharing this journey with me as we all strive to become more intentional about our mental wellness.

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