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Finding the Light

Good Morning Sun,

Every day I await your touch. Today was different. I wasn’t expecting the symptoms that came when your warmth kissed my cheeks to awake me for the day. I thought seeing light would eliminate the darkness within my mind. That wasn't the case. Darkness had overshadowed my mind and now my body with feelings of anxiousness and fear. The day hasn’t even started yet and I am now feeling knots in my stomach. I thought light is supposed to be the absence of darkness; an illuminator. I just can’t seem to ignite this light within. I am not sure how this day will go. I just want my mind to stop racing.

Can you relate? Have you ever felt like you were trapped in the clouds of your mind? That’s me right now in this moment. I need to get dressed but I feel like I am trapped in the clouds of my mind. I don’t see any signs of a light because the darkness has overshadowed any possible frame of a tunnel. I am going to “breathe”….. (sigh) and attempt to get myself together so I can make it through the day. I hate feleing like this, it leaves me feeling powerless. If I can just break through this wall, I could be free.

I have to get it together, today I have a presentation, that I’ve been working on for two months. I am sure that I will be just fine but I don’t know. I sometimes stumble over my words. I just want to get it right. My group is counting on me. ok, ok, ok I just need to …. Breath! If I fail at this presentation, I’ll probably upset my boss. What if he fires me? …. (pacing the floor)

There is no tunnel offering a light at the end. I can’t seem to escape. I feel powerless. Every door of possibility is blocked by a negative energy. It feels like I’ve lost all control and I can’t seem to protect my own. I am attempting to get out of this space. If it was possible, I would placed my oxygen on hold just to escape this world, if but for a moment.


A distorted mind

When you are facing anxiety, it is easy to feel as though you are spinning out of control.


Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health problems in the United States. There are many different explanations. Biologically, anxiety disorders are likely to involve an inherited vulnerability that is activated by stressful life events. According to Cognitive Behavioral theories, it is believe that anxiety is caused when a stressor produces a perception of a threat. This perception produces an emotional reaction often dysfunctional. Certain characteristics of anxiety includes feeling powerless, pessimistic, and fearful of harm or threat.


Finding Light in a troubled mind overshadowed by darkness is possible. Anxiety is treatable. The first step in finding the light requires taking action. Freedom has always required a step forward. These steps can include self-care options, stress management, healthy diet, relaxation techniques, and even professional services. Cognitive distortion is reversible. New mental patterns can be learned. If you need advice on how to make healthier choices, A troubled mind If you are call today to schedule your mental check up today.

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