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Cutting Away

A gardener's letter to a New Season:

As a gardener, one problem I constantly struggle with is the weeds growing in my flower gardens. A weed is a plant growing where you don't want it. There are a number of plants that fall into the category of weeds, either for their vigorous growth and ability to take over or the ability to keep regrowing. However, I am learning more that there are strategies that I can use in order to eliminate even the most invasive weeds from my garden. However, one must be willing to uproot them, and implement the necessary strategies so that they won't keep creeping back in.

Dear Garden,

Start with Honesty

I apologize for my mismanagement of you. This year I welcomed weeds (metaphorically speaking, unhealthy behaviors) in my garden and made space for you. You became comfort when I needed you although unhealthy. You seemingly me feel like you could enhance my garden with something different mand somehow led me to believe that there was some benefits of keeping you around. We spent many nights together reminiscing on the wouldas, couldas, and shouldas. Many nights I stayed focused in on you, as I ignored the call from, A BRIGHTER GARDEN, on many occasions. Generational patterns before taught me that I would need to be accustom to these weeds and so I didn't see any need to pick you. I figured this was all apart of what I had to accept in my garden. I mean who really wants to change the way gardening has been done for generations. Yes, that means we all faced the same burdens and received the same harvest. Was there a chance for something brighter?

A Different View

However, I saw a neighbor's garden, and for about 60 seconds I saw a vision of what A BRIGHTER GARDEN, could look like. When I asked questions about the process, I was told that greater harvest was possible. It just required more work on my part. Therefore, I couldn't let go of the possibilities. I knew that I had to activate not just my faith but I had to do more than I did before. Therefore, I writing you because the time has come for me to begin to uproot the weeds that have continued to lead to my destruction. You can no longer stay here. I am picking at the roots and I have until tonight to begin the extraction process, 11:59pm to be exact.

Although I am aware, that with picking requires that I get all of the tap roots, otherwise you will return. Yet, in seeing something different I have to do something different. So I pledge to implement strategies that those gardeners before me didn't do. The harvest that I am seeking has no space for you in 2022.

Future Optimism

I have already planned for a harvest of success, happiness, joy, freedom, growth, and achievement of my dreams. I have NO MORE ROOM for anymore of your spread such as hurt, pain, heartbreak, frustration, and even anger. I know I could keep you around for those uncomfortable moments where I need to be reminded of comfortability. Yet, that won't get me to my next. I am looking to start a Brighter GARDEN.

The Cutting Away

Yeah, I hear you. You've been planted here for quite sometimes. I've become attached to you. Will something really grow in your place? Well, I have to believe that something more beautiful can grow in place of all the negativity that you brought, the drama, the confusion, the frustration, the anger, the merry-go-round, the up-and-down. You spreader like a wildfire and I am done with the seasons of friendships, relationships, jobs that kept me going in circles.

I have no regrets. Without the weeds I would not have had certain things come to the surface. Not everything meant to destroy you is bad. Somethings are meant to reveal what Is needed for the next stage of growth. I know you may attempt to come back and remind me of what happened but I have mentally processed the lessons of your role and sealed the chapter so only the highlights of the lesson replays. So, I know this is a good decision because I know if I HOLD ON to YOU, I'll never access the harvest I know I deserve. Therefore, I wish you well and now I choose to LET GO and begin the plucking of those things that no longer serve me.

Goodbye Unhealthy Behaviors, Hello Fruitful Garden.

Signed and Sealed,

A Gardener


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