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Don't Bury Your Dreams

Have you ever washed clothes and instead of putting them up right away, you placed them in a pile on the floor? Now if you washed two loads at one time, you notice just how stupendous that pile becomes.

The pile doesn't seem to bother you unless you have to recover something from it. You commence to look for that one favorite shirt and then you realize that finding this article of clothing has become overwhelming to the point that you stop and decide to wear something else.

As I was thinking about how that one article of clothing could be under several piles of clothing. I began to see how this approach is evident when it comes to how to we handle our dreams sometimes. Why is it that we trap our dreams under a self-made mentally destructive load? When things begin to pile up we let go and move on to something else? What causes us to stop believing in our abilities?


Fear of not being able to afford the dream.


Thoughts of indecencies.

External Feedback

Opinions of others who can't see the vision.

The list can go on. However, the truth is that the dream was given specifically for you to execute. While there are many things that can stand in the way of the execution of your plans to manifest these dreams. There are also many things that can prepare you and even inspire you to pursue your dreams. How will you choose?

We are all given a choice. We can choose good vs. evil. We can choose up vs. down. We can choose positivity vs. negativity. Again, how will you choose?

This is like the young lady who wanted to be an opera singer. She dreamed of being on Broadway one day in New York City where an audience would watch her as she performed on opening night. However, her reality begin to disintegrate because she started seeing herself as others saw her. She allowed comparison to strip her little by little. She was no longer content with her abilities. She begin to sink into a hole and so did her dream.

Eventually, the dream died and her focus was no longer on becoming an Opera singer.

This young lady had buried the dream and it was no longer evident as it once was within her heart.

Fast forward to today, her dreams begin to form into this pattern that involved into crushing other dreams that would've followed. All of those dreams were buried because she believed the voices of the naysayers over her voice of reason.

Have you been where she was? I know I have. It wasn't until one day, just like this young lady that I finally realized the self-destructive patterns that controlled my life. Yet, the great news is that I learned that I didn't have to organize my life this way. That the story I wanted to tell was up to me. Today, I choose to write the story of life and you can too.

Sometimes taking that step can be hard, but always know there is a step you can take that will lead you closer than you were before.

Don't bury your dreams.


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